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Tretinoin Cream

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Treatment from $39.95

NOTE: After selecting this product, you will need to complete a short assessment, so we can make sure this medication is suitable for you.


Tretinoin Cream Australia

You can order Tretinoin cream online in Australia using our Australian registered online doctor and pharmacy service. We can provide your medicine after an online assessment. Our Australian registered doctors then review the assessment and if appropriate, issue a prescription. This is processed in our Australian pharmacy and dispatched to your chosen address.

If our doctors believe that the medicine is not right for you or you could benefit more from a face to face consult, a full refund will be given.

Tretinoin Cream Summary


Apply to the affected area(s) ONCE daily before going to bed.

Available Strengths

0.025% & 0.05% Cream

Active Ingredient



from $39.95

Side Effects

Can include redness, skin flaking, slight stinging, dry skin, skin irritation

*The dose provided is from the consumer medicines information leaflet. Always use your prescription medication as prescribed by the doctor. For a full list of side effects read the consumer medicines information.

Tretinoin Cream Prices

Tretinoin Cream 0.025% x 25g


Tretinoin Cream 0.05% x 25g


Tretinoin Cream 0.05% x 50g


*All prices include doctors assessment (prescription) and medicine. 50g tube brand may differ.


How long does Tretinoin take to work?

Tretinoin cream may begin to show benefit 3-4 weeks after beginning treatment. It can take up to 6-8 weeks of use to see the full benefit of Tretinoin Cream. This can vary for some people based on lifestyle factors and the severity of the condition.

How to get Tretinoin in Australia

Tretinoin is a prescription-only medicine that can be bought from any pharmacy with a valid Australian prescription from a doctor or dermatologist. You can buy Tretinoin, if it is suitable for you, from regulated online doctor and pharmacy services after completing an assessment.

How to use Tretinoin cream

Apply a thin film of cream onto the affected area(s) once daily at night or as directed by your doctor. Before applying, make sure to remove any make-up and wash the affected area with mild soap and warm water and gently dry. Do not apply more than your doctor has instructed you to as this may cause more side effects.

Is it legal to buy Tretinoin cream in Australia online?

Provided you use a registered doctor and pharmacy service in Australia, ordering Tretinoin cream online is legal. A safety assessment is required to be reviewed by an Australian registered doctor who will decide if the medicine is suitable for you. If they deem the medicine suitable they will issue a prescription to be dispensed and the medicine can be sent to you.

Ensure the supplier of any medicine ordered online is Australian registered. Unfortunately, many overseas suppliers list fake and dangerous unregulated medicine which may cause harm. You can find Simple Online Doctors registration information here.

Where can I buy Retin A cream in Australia?

The Retin A cream brand is not licensed for sale in Australia, however, there are available licensed Australian alternatives. Stieva A is the Australian registered version and closest alternative to Retin A cream in Australia. You can buy this medicine after a doctors assessment online or by speaking to your doctor about a prescription.

What is Retin A?

Retin A is an American medicine containing Tretinoin cream. Retin A cream or gel is not available in Australia, however, Stieva A cream and Retrieve cream are registered prescription tretinoin creams for Australia. Please note, the strengths of the cream may vary, speak to your doctor about what strength is right for you.

Is Tretinoin Gel available?

In Australia, the medicine is only available in a cream.

What is a Tretinoin purge?

This is a term used to describe the temporary worsening of the condition after starting tretinoin that occurs in some users. It will typically resolve after two weeks. If your condition severely worsens, see a doctor.

Side Effects

Tretinoin Side Effects

Like all medicines, Tretinoin cream has the potential to cause some side effects, although not everyone will experience them. Most commonly people will experience more side effects when first starting tretinoin cream. These can include redness of the skin, skin flaking, itching, skin irritation, dry skin and a slight burning sensation.

It is generally recommended you use a moisturiser that promotes skin hydration and does not contain drying substances like alcohol, fragrances and acid compounds that may worsen the condition.

Tretinoin cream is likely to make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Always protect yourself from the sun while using the treatment to avoid sunburn.

Info Leaflet

Before using Tretinoin Cream, it is important that you read the consumer medicines information. If you do not understand any information provided, please contact us.

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