Erectile Dysfunction

With Simple Online Doctor, our Australian registered doctor can issue a script for your previously prescribed erectile dysfunction medication. Simply fill out an assessment and our doctor will evaluate your suitability for this service.

If approved, the doctor will pass a prescription to our pharmacy team, who will fill the prescription and dispatch your medicine to your delivery address.

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Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction tablets should be used responsibly, and only by those who suffer from dysfunction. Prolonged erections can causes health problems, and should be reported to a doctor immediately. A range of treatments for erectile dysfunction are available from our online doctor. If you have previously been prescribed medication, you can be prescribed treatment after completing an online assessment.

Most men will experience erectile dysfunction (ED) at some point in their life. It may be recurrent or just a temporary problem. It can also be just a natural part of ageing. While there are a number of different causes for ED, most commonly it is due to a reduced blood flow to the penis when aroused.

However ED can also be a symptom of other conditions that can affect your blood vessels and heart (such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol). It is always best to have a health check with your GP to rule out the possibility of your ED being related to any more serious underlying condition.

Treatments work by relaxing the arteries which supply blood to the penis, and allow for an increased flow of blood.


Some of the most common causes of ED are detailed below
  • Narrowing Blood Vessels
High blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes can all lead to narrowed blood vessels. These narrow blood vessels can lead to an inability to get or maintain an erection and this may be the first sign of these underlying conditions. It is therefor important to test for these, especially if you are over 40.
  • Lifestyle
Obesity, lack of fitness, smokers, as well as the use illegal drugs, or drinking heavily, are all factors which can lead to erection problems. If you notice that any of these are a problem for you, it is important you try and address these in addition to pursuing any medical treatments.
  • Hormonal 
Hormone imbalances can also cause ED. These imbalances may be brought about by some of the above mentioned changes; such as sudden weight gain or loss. This is not always the case however, and ED may be the only symptom of a hormonal problem.
  • Medicinal Causes
There are some commonly prescribed medicines that can cause ED. Medications for depression, psychotic illness, heart conditions, blood pressure and prostate conditions are all possible culprits. These drugs are given for serious conditions however, so it is vital to talk to your doctor to discuss your problem.
  • Nerve Problems
There are a number of conditions that affect nerve supply such as spinal trauma, paraplegics, Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis. These conditions can often be associated with erectile dysfunction.
  • Psychological Conditions
Depression and anxiety can often be causes of erection problems. Whether it is a simple case of anxiety about having sex with a new sexual partner, or more serious bouts of stress, your libido or ability to maintain an erection may be affected.


Some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about erectile dysfunction are discussed below

1. Is ED a natural part of the ageing process?

ED is more common in men over the age of 40. This is because conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity are more prevalent. All of these conditions can be a cause of ED, hence dysfunction can be more prevalent as we age.

2. Can being tired cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes. When you're tired, both your libido and ability to get or maintain an erection can be affected. The same goes for a lack of fitness.

3. Can alcohol and drugs cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes - alcohol and drug consumption can increase your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

4. Can too much masturbation cause ED?

Yes - If you’re masturbating several times in a short period of time, then you can experience problems getting an erection.

5. Can a lot of cycling cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes, excessive cycling can cause erectile dysfunction, particularly if the seat is uncomfortable and applies pressure to the testicles. This is due to pressure on the nerves at the base of the penis. The same can occur if excessively tight clothing is worn for long periods of time, day after day.