Contraceptive Pill

Order The Contraceptive Pill Online

You can reorder your contraceptive pill online after completing an online assessment.

The service is for women who are already taking a particular pill prescribed by their GP, and need a repeat supply. Simply fill in an online assessment, making sure to answer all questions as fully as you can. Our AHPRA registered doctor will assess your suitability for the repeat supply.

If approved, a prescription will then be passed to our pharmacy team who will prepare the medication (sourced from Australian wholesalers), and send it out in discreet packaging.


Contraceptive Pill


The service is for women who are already taking a particular pill prescribed by their GP, and need a repeat supply. It is still important to get your annual check-up with your own GP.

The contraceptive pill is a widely used method of contraception, taken by millions of women across Australia. There are several types of pill available, and what you use may depend on your preference or other medical considerations.

The contraceptive pill works by releasing synthetic hormones (progesterone and oestrogen) into the body to control ovulation and stop eggs from being fertilised.

You can be sure you are receiving your medication from a trusted online pharmacy and online doctor in Australia. If you want to read more about the birth control pill, visit the website.

Side Effects

What are the side effects of the contraceptive pill? While side effects are usually uncommon and mild in nature, it is best to be aware of any that may occur. Some of the most common side effects include mood swings headaches nausea breast tenderness For a full list of side effects and more information, you can read the NHS Choices site on contraception.


What is a Combined Contraceptive Pill?

The combined oral contraceptive pill is the most commonly taken pill, and includes well known brands such as Mirogynon, Yasmin and Cilest. The combined pill is taken daily, and is over 99% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. It releases synthetic hormones into the body and prevents ovulation (the release of an egg). It also works by thinning the womb lining. This means that if an egg was fertilised, it would be less likely to attach.