About Us

Simple Online Doctor is an Australian registered company, which makes it easier for you to access healthcare online.

Digital Consultations

You can request a wide variety of treatments from our service by submitting an online digital assessment followed by a brief voice or video consultation with one of our doctors. You can start these assessments from the condition pages listed under Online Scripts or directly from the medicine pages by using the search bar.

Once complete, the assessment is reviewed by our team of Australian doctors. If our doctors believe you are likely suitable for treatment, you will be asked to book a short appointment with one of them. If approved, your order is then processed by our Australian pharmacy partner and sent to your address. Any resupplies provided will be saved to your account. If your order does not get approved, you will be informed and refunded.

Video Consultations

Our online video doctor service is currently under development. Through this service, we aim to be able to provide video or telephone consultations to patients who may otherwise have difficulty accessing health services. If required, we can also send the prescriptions to our partner pharmacy to dispense and deliver to your chosen address.

Medical Certificate Consultations

You may request a medical certificate from our team of doctors by filling in an assessment form and booking a short 3-5 minute video consultation with our Australian doctors. Our doctors will confirm your condition and issue a certificate if appropriate. 

1 Pharmacy Information


All medication is dispensed and sent by our Australian registered pharmacy in Brisbane.

Racecourse Road Pharmacy
119 Racecourse Road
Ascot QLD, 4007

E-mail:[email protected]

2 Company Information


Simple Online Doctor is owned by Simple Online Healthcare Pty Ltd, registered Australian Company number – 610 046 663. You can write to us at:

Simple Online Healthcare
119 Racecourse Rd
Ascot QLD, 4007

E-mail: [email protected]

3 Doctors




Dr Simon Ooi

AHPRA registration: MED0001386054

Dr James Lavett

AHPRA registration: MED0000952596

Dr Md Sohel Rana

AHPRA registration: MED0001655140

Dr Justine Morris

AHPRA registration: MED0001605259

Dr Christopher Maclay

AHPRA registration: MED0001215737

Dr Ashraf Manassa

AHPRA registration: MED0002592789

Dr Maria Jolayemi

AHPRA registration: MED0002313747

Dr James Condon

AHPRA registration: MED0001936829

Dr Migie Lee

AHPRA registration: MED0001659269