Weight Loss

Losing weight, about 5% of your body weight, has been proven to be really good for health. It’s important to realise that all weight loss management aids work more effectively with healthy lifestyle and physical activity. Learn about our different treatments.

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Weight loss medications are in short supply nationwide, find out when will Wegovy be available in Australia?

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Erectile dysfunction is common condition in males and Viagra is a medication used to treat ED.

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Discover how Telehealth services connect patients with healthcare professionals seamlessly.

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Smoking Cessation

Learn on how to achieve smoking cessation successfully.



Saxenda is a prescription-only medication in Australia. It can be prescribed by any registered doctor to those who fit the prescribing criteria.

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Premature Ejaculation

Explore what premature ejaculation is, the causes behind it and the treatment options available.

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Weight loss is increasingly becoming a chronic condition. Explore how to get better results on Orlistat, the weight loss tablets

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Online Prescriptions

Learn the process of getting a doctor consult, prescriptions online and the medication delivered to the door.


Explore is Mounjaro available in Australia? What is Mounjaro used for and what is it currently registered for, Diabetes or Weight loss?

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Learn about different areas of health.

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Medical Certificates

Feeling Unwell and need some time off? Learn how to obtain a medical certificate for approved time off.


Hair Loss

Hair loss affects millions of people worldwide. It is an equally prevalent concern in both genders and ages. Learn abouts its causes, contributing factors, treatments and preventative measures.


The choice of hair loss treatments can vary depending on the root cause of the hair loss, with different approaches for both men and women. Explore the options.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common concern affecting more than 50% of males. Learn its causes, symptoms and treatments.

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