Explore if Saxenda and alcohol can be combined and how alcohol and weight loss affect one another.

What is Saxenda?

Saxenda, a prescription weight loss medication, is part of a whole plan for a healthier life. It has liraglutide, which acts like the natural hormone GLP-1. This hormone helps control hunger and makes you feel full even after small meals.

Saxenda is typically recommended for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, or those with a BMI of 27 or higher accompanied by weight-related health concerns.

Information on Saxenda

Alcohol and weight loss

 A can of beer usually contains 155 calories and a glass of wine contains around 125 calories. In a weight loss regime a typical snack is recommended to be around 100 calories to 200 calories to lose weight effectively. Alcohol drinks are referred to as empty calories because they provide a large amount of calories for little nutrients. If an individual has multiple drinks per day or during a night out they may consume 100s of extra calories.

Saxenda and Alcohol

It is important to understand how Saxenda and Alcohol can interact. This understanding is important for the safety and efficacy of both when used concurrently.

Saxenda helps control appetite and promote weight loss by interacting with certain brain receptors. While alcohol doesn’t directly work against Saxenda, it can affect your self-control and food choices. Its influence on inhibitions and decision-making can potentially affect your capacity to opt for a balanced diet. 

There is clinical evidence proving that combining alcohol and saxenda can cause problems. A study has found that those who drank alcohol experienced slightly less weight loss. The individuals who drank had a 5.9% decrease in weight in comparison to a 7.1% weight loss in those who did not drink. Alcohol drinking does render the medication less effective. 

Saxenda has the potential to impact blood sugar levels. It’s important to recognize that alcohol can also have an effect on blood sugar. For certain individuals, alcohol consumption might increase the risk of low blood sugar. Which can be harmful particularly when taking Saxenda since the medication already influences blood sugar regulation. 

If you decide to consume alcohol, keep a close watch on your blood sugar levels and seek guidance from your healthcare provider.

Alcohol, similar to various beverages, has caloric content. Drinking alcohol can add extra calories to your daily consumption, potentially hindering your weight loss objectives. These additional calories can diminish weight loss goals and potentially lead to weight gain.

Using both Saxenda and alcohol can lead to an elevated likelihood of encountering side effects of saxenda. Nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort are the most common. This is because both alcohol and saxenda have the potential to cause these side effects individually, and their combined effect might intensify these sensations.

It’s essential to be cautious when considering the simultaneous use of Saxenda and alcohol. It may exacerbate feelings of queasiness and discomfort in your stomach. Consult a healthcare provider before incorporating regular drinking.

Individuals who drink alcohol may experience some sort of liver impairment. Clinical trials have found that people with mild, moderate or severe liver impairment may not absorb Saxenda as well as others. Individuals with mild liver impairment experience a 11% decrease in absorption and individuals with severe liver impairment experience a 42% decrease in absorption.

How to have drinks whilst on saxenda?

If an individual should choose to include alcohol in their routine whilst they take saxenda, it will be essential to moderate their alcohol consumption. Opting out for low-calorie alcoholic beverages and focusing on the amount consumed. Although moderate alcohol intake may not interact with Saxenda, it is vital to consider the potential side effects and interactions it can possibly have. 

Weight management and overall health should be the primary focus. Any uncertainties regarding alcohol consumption and Saxenda use, should be discussed with the healthcare provider. 

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