Wegovy vs Ozempic, both contain Semgalutide however both are approved for different purposes. The differences between the two are regarding dosage, effectiveness, side effects and its availability to Australian patients.

– Ozempic is a injectable for type 2 diabetes frequently used off label to manage weight loss.

– Wegovy is an injectable for chronic weight management however is yet to be readily available in Australia.

The both are a once weekly injectable medicine containing semgalutide which is a GLP-1 receptor agonist. Ozempic is intended for adults with type 2 diabetes and it helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is not officially approved as a weight loss drug however it has displayed its added benefit in weight loss. It is used off label by many patients.

Wegovy, on the other hand is intended for adults dealing with chronic weight management issues. It is designed to assist in losing weight and maintaining a healthy BMI.

A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher is considered for these medications. Individuals with a BMI of 27 or higher and a weight-related medical condition can also be considered. It is important to understand both Wegovy and Ozempix are most effective when used in conjunction with a weight management plan. This plan often includes a balanced diet, increased physical activity, and support from healthcare professionals.

Wegovy vs Ozempic dosage

Wegovy is given weekly, ideally on a consistent day chosen by the individual for convenience. It offers five dosage options, starting at 0.25 mg weekly and gradually increasing to a full maintenance dose of 2.4 mg over several months. The dosage of Wegovy may vary based on individual responses.

Ozempic is a once a week injection administered at the same day of each week. The doctors may start on a low dose of ozempic for the first 4 weeks of treatment beginning at 0.25mg and gradually increase to a full dose of 2mg weekly.

Both Wegovy and Ozempic require specific dosages and health care professionals play a crucial role in determining the right amount for each individual and both require adherence for optimal effectiveness.

Wegovy vs Ozempic Side effects

All medications have potential side effects. Both the medications have nausea, diarrhea, gastrointestinal discomfort and potential impacts on blood sugar levels. 

Ozempic can cause some serious side effects such as inflammation of pancreas, risk of thyroid tumor/cancer, low blood sugar and gallbladder disease and possible allergic reactions. 

Wegovy should not be used by individuals with certain conditions like pancreatitis, hypoglycemia, acute gallbladder or kidney issues, and diabetic retinopathy. It is best to avoid using any over the counter products whilst taking Wegovy as the interactions are unclear. 

Wegovy vs Ozempic Effectiveness

Both the medications are individually effective for patients however Wegovy has a higher maximum dose compared to Ozempic. Patients will receive the highest dose of 2.4mg in the form of Wegovy where as for Ozempic it is 2mg. It could be argues that since Wegovy has a higher amount of semaglutide it would be considered more effective.

Wegovy vs Ozempic availability

Ozempic has been available on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) as a subsidized prescription since July 2020. 

Though registered in 2022, Wegovy is not yet available in Australia. Since its launch worldwide, Wegovy has exhibited promising outcomes in various countries. Clinical trials indicate that adults with obesity, when using Wegovy alongside reduced-calorie diets and exercise, achieved a 15% body weight loss. Once available, Wegovy could be a viable option, proven to be as effective as other medications on the market according to studies. 

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For those who encounter an allergic response or find the side effects intolerable, alternative options are available. These alternatives encompass oral medications, injections, or even surgical interventions. A constructive initial step in embarking on this path could involve seeking advice from a certified dietitian.

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