Saxenda is a prescription-only medication in Australia. It can be prescribed by any registered doctor to those who fit the prescribing criteria.

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Foods to avoid while on Saxenda
Saxenda for weight loss success additionally relies on diet and exercise. Explore which foods to consume and which to avoid while on Saxenda.
Weight Loss Injection – Wegovy vs Saxenda
Explore the difference between weight loss injections Wegovy and Saxenda.
Saxenda and Alcohol, can they be combined?
Saxenda is popular for weight loss and alcohol can be a hinderance in its path. Explore how Saxenda can be affected by Alcohol intake.
How to switch from Saxenda to Wegovy?
Explore the difference between Saxenda and Wegovy, if they can be switched and how to switch from Saxenda to Wegovy?
What to do when Saxenda is out of stock?
The manufacturers of Saxenda have faced some supply issues in the past hence its important to know how Saxenda works and what do when Saxenda is out of stock.
How to avoid nausea whilst taking saxenda
Nausea on Saxenda is a common side effect. Explore how to avoid nausea whilst taking Saxenda. The natural remedies to manage nausea
How much does Saxenda cost?
Explore how much does Saxenda cost? The factors which determine the cost of Saxenda.
Can you travel with Saxenda?
Before deciding it is crucial to understand the specific storage conditions essential for maintaining the medication’s effectiveness and safety.
How to stop Saxenda injections
Explore how to stop Saxenda safely and effectively. Titrate the dose yourself or with health professionals assistance.