The Saxenda storage requirements need to be understood before deciding if you can travel with Saxenda. This is to ensure the medicine remains effective and safe to use whilst traveling with Saxenda.

What is Saxenda?

Saxenda is a weight loss injection that you inject once a day. It contains liraglutide, a prescription medicine in Australia. Liraglutide in Saxenda works like a natural hormone called GLP-1, which your body makes after you eat to control your appetite. To lose weight effectively with Saxenda, individuals must combine it with a healthy diet and increased physical activity.

Saxenda storage

Saxenda is a refrigerated medicine which needs special handling and needs to be protected from heat. Liraglutide, the active ingredient in Saxenda, is a temperature sensitive drug. It needs to be stored in the refrigerator when unopened or can be stored at room temperature once opened. 

The manufacturer of Saxenda, Novo Nordisk, has stated for the medicine to be fully effective it should be refrigerated between 2 to 8 degrees until first use or expired. Once open it can be refrigerated at room temperature 15 c to 30 and must be used within 30 days.  

Traveling with Saxenda

Individuals should have a basic health check up for any pre-existing medical conditions and gain advice if traveling may affect health. Their doctor can confirm the amount of medication needed to cover the travel time. Saxenda is recommended to be taken at the same time every day which can be problematic if traveling over time zones, discuss with your doctor on the best adjusted time. 

The doctor should give a printed patient history for the individual to carry with them in travel. They should also ensure their prescription medications are labeled and in the original containers. Some country authorities have strict protocols and having these documents will help with a smooth travel experience. 

When traveling for a long duration or to extreme weather conditions using a medial grade cooler is essential to ensure safety of the injection pen. A travel cooler can be used whilst in flight or in transit. Once settled in the stock of unused Saxenda pens should be kept in a fridge at home/hotel and only the current pen should be outside. 

The Saxenda pen can be taken on the plane but it should be taken in the carry-on bag on board. It should not be left in checked in luggage as the storage compartment of the plane can experience hazardous temperatures and conditions which could damage the medicine.

Saxenda works by reducing the appetite helping individuals consume healthier food choices. In traveling this can pose a challenge and some planning of meals and snacks would be needed to ensure weight loss goals stay on track. Keeping hydrated is essential to avoid common side effects of Saxenda e.g. constipation. It would be necessary to have a water bottle to ensure one is staying hydrated throughout the trip.

The saxenda pen should be kept in shade to avoid direct sunlight and heat. It should not be left in the car as vehicles tend to get very warm. If traveling to colder temperatures, where it may fall below 2 degrees, it’s best to store saxenda in a warmer place. The pen in use should be in your pocket to avoid freezing. When traveling with Saxenda, it would be handy to pack some extra pens in case flights are delayed or other unexpected events occur.

When not to travel with Saxenda?

If you are traveling for long periods of time it may not be feasible to take multiple packs of the medication with you. Traveling to destinations where consistent refrigeration may not be possible can make it difficult to keep the medicine safe. In these instances it may be worth speaking to the GP about alternatives whilst away. It can also be beneficial to consult a dietician about the health journey while travelling.

Discuss with a Dietician